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Body Scrubs, Oils & Lotions

We regularly exfoliate the skin on our faces to reveal the healthy, youthful skin hiding underneath. There’s healthy layer of skin on your body sitting right beneath the surface. Just like the skin on your face, the skin on your body also needs to be exfoliated.

Damages and dead skin cells can sit on top of the skin’s surface and clog enlarged pores. As a result, we’re left with dull, patchy looking skin that is prone to inflammation.

Synthetic body scrubs often disrupt the skin’s pH level, but our handmade body scrubs ensure your skin gets the loving it needs. Our all-natural line of body scrubs are made to gently scrub of the layer of dead skin cells, polishing the skin without causing irritation and leaving it dry.

Pick from our Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub, our Simply Herbal Body Scrub and our Unscented Body Scrub.