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Bath Salts and Bath Bombs

Our bath salts don’t just add fragrance to your bath, but also enrich your skin with necessary nutrients. We offer handmade essential oil bath salts that are made to help you forget the day’s stress while nourishing your skin from deep within.

Our bath salts double-up as an exfoliating agent that gently massage the skin, removing dead skin cells and other impurities that may have settled on the surface, revealing healthy, youthful skin hidden beneath. The rubbing action involved in exfoliating the skin also promotes blood circulation.

Lay in the bath and let the fragrance of the bath salts revitalize your senses.

Treat yourself to a relaxing bath with our multi-purpose handmade bath salts and wash away all the stress you’ve been holding in. Order our bath salts today! We’re sure you’ll come back for more!